Thursday, April 05, 2007

The one about the Camera

So, I am sitting here in the Grand Cayman internet cafe... Kyla, Thomas, Matt, Richard, and Linda to my right... typing on a computer where only 10 or so days before I was sitting in this exact same spot making faces with Grit to my mom on the webcam... and now Grit is safely at home probably sleeping in my new King sized bed...stress free...waiting only 13 more days for me to come home... and only 2 more formal nights...

and now I have a new camera :)

Get this: everywhere I look this damn camera has been $ when i found it duty and tax free in Grand Cayman for $1750.. I shit myself...

and after waiting and waiting and finally getting the email telling me its in stock..

I daresay I shat again :)

Therefore I am sure its no surprise to you that I shat a third and hopefully final time when I grabbed up the posse today, went to the store, finally TOUCHED a Fuji S5pro... "MY" Fuji S5 Pro.....

and then the lady said 'minus your Crew discount.....'

expected: $1750 paid: $1661

I danced outside after the transaction was made (and firmly gripped the bag as Thomas, Matt, Linda, Kyla, and Richard all attempted to mugme at the same time)

13 more days in the Carribbean...

Then I go home. No Shit.



empty nester said...

Yeah! Mike has his new toy! Glad you were able to crap your pants three times as well. Its always nice to get an unexpected bargain, isnt it?

Kenyo said...

No more formal nights!

It was great meeting you on the Coral and sorry we got too busy doing the cruise stuff to meet for a longer chat. What a nice ship!

(We drank all the contraband JD ourselves.)

We did so much and then on the drive home realized how many things we wished we had done. It was our third Princess cruise in the last 12 months and in many ways the best one.

You and Grit have a wonderful time exploring Western Canada and keep up with the blog. Please!

Mine will soon have an account of our impressions of the Coral and some photos.

Have fun with the new camera.
Best wishes, Ken