Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My 15 Seconds of Fame - Part 1

During my time at home after getting off the ships in April, I have been in quite a few shows around the Vancouver area as a background extra. The gigs are pretty sweet, you dont do anything except sit outside in the sun and read or listen to music or chat with everyone, and then run to set - do your 1 hour of work (usually consisting of walking...thats it), and then go home. At the end of the day you are paid usually a hundred bucks or so, and if you are lucky you show up for a few seconds on the shot instead of being thrown to the cutting room floor. Either way though, like I said its really only tiny gigs that I am going for.... I might be able to point out the blur in the background as me , but usually I wont be able to prove it :)

In any case, they are now all finally surfacing on TV, this being the first one. This is a screenshot of a "Psych" episode...funny usually airs Fridays. Its filmed down on the White Rock Pier and the location is supposed to be set in Santa Barbara, California. Go figure :).

Anyhoo... that stud-muffin in the back left wearing a pink shirt (yes pink shirt) is me. Like I said, I play a "blur" on least you can recognize that hot ass as me :) You could tell the walk too if you saw the show.... Apparantly I think my shit dont stink :)


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Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hey Mike! I'd have recognized you anywhere. It's fun working as an extra, huh? I did it for quite a few years and enjoyed every minute. Glad to see you're back in White Rock!