Friday, December 29, 2006

.....And a Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year!!

Holy shit am i glad that the Christmas Cruise is over!!! It was just a weird weird weird cruise...

you'd THINK that during the holiday season on a cruise with all families, people wouldnt steal.... WRONG! thats when they do it the most!

I caught soooo many people (not just kids but old farts too!) stealing photos from the gallery and generally just being HORRIBLE SCROOGES during the holidays.... arg!

ok...thats it... i'm done bitching :)

I got to see St Maarten for the first time (love it... love it...) and Grit and I had a great Christmas .... we woke up around 9am, opened gifts (with Bony M singing in the background haha), and then we made some tea in our new "Decorate-Yourself Starbucks Mugs" and then we met Stu, Carrie, Matt, Kyla, Thomas and Linda on the gangway and went out to St Thomas..... and my God.... Magen's Bay... I can tell you, it was like the beaches in Ouvea...but damn close...

Beach....Tanning.....Swimming.... and my day off, in a Caribbean Island on Christmas Day :)

Now I am sitting in Fort Lauderdale just a few hours before the "New Years Cruise" starts...

what good fortunes and experiences will be brought my way this cruise?

New Years Eve is formal night (typical. just typical.) and I am shooting portraits in The Atrium until 10:30pm and then after we put the photos up in the gallery, we all go up to the open decks and shoot everyone having fun til midnight, when the balloons and streamers drop. Grit is off at 10pm and i told her she has to walk around with me until midnight hahahaha... gotta have the new years kiss ya know :)

alright folks... its off to the ship again... sleep for a few hours and then work for a bit, then when Grit gets off at 9pm we are getting all dressed up and headin to the steakhouse... mmmmmm, dead cow :)

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Instead of wishing you everything you want in 2007, I want to wish you all everything you need. If you truly need it, you WILL get it.

So Be It.


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