Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Long Time No Talk!

hey everone! Its been a long long time, almost a month! i am still alive, but have been pretty busy....and Grit has been taking up my time :) yay! I am in Ocho Rios right now, on December 20th, 5 days til Christmas... in Jamaica and its 30C outside :) dont hate me lol.

Lots has been going on, but just to give a quick summary and then some pictures: I have swam with dolphins (and even kissed one!), I have white water rafted in Costa Rica (with Grit, she loved it, hell its better than her last contract in the Baltic...BRRRR), I have dressed up as Freddy Mercury at an 80s crew disco (and won the grand prize: a Motorola Razr cellphone!), I have worked hard and played hard, and things are going good. Lots of friends, everyone is happy, great team, and I am proud to have the life I have. Not sure if there are many contracts after this one or not, I might be ready for something new soon. Grit and I are planning our trip around Europe in the Summer (dont worry, I will be home first for a fair bit...Brooks and Calgary especially!!...Dad, I'm gonna kick your ass at golf, and I might wanna throw in a fishing trip too!)...

How is everyone else? How is the Christmas prepartion process going? We have 473 kids under 18 next cruise... Holy Christmas, Batman! Also, we had a contest last cruise to see who could sell the most Cruise DVDs and I won (I had 20 and the 2nd place behind me had only 8 hahaha) so I get Christmas Day off in St. Thomas...and Grit has it off too!!!

Oh my god, sitting here typing...and guess what is playing on the stereo at the bar here?

Bony M Christmas...

Only the family would appreciate that..... NOW it feels like Christmas :) what are the odds?

ok, photo time, and then I gotta go!

Merry Christmas everyone!

p.s. I am waiting until the festivities start here on the ship before I send anything home so i can send photos of us having our Christmas in the Caribbean ok? I havent forgotten.. I just thought it would be cheaper to send everyone 1 package of everything rather than presents and THEN photos...



Madonna (Grit) and Freddy Mercury (me) at the 80s disco

White water rafting in costa rica!

Me and Mitch :)

How Real Coffee is supposed to be... in Costa Rica :)

'The 80s Guys'


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Well, I was beginning to think the pirates kidnapped you.... glad to hear all your news! Sounds like you're having fun - and it's so nice Grit is with you. I like the mustache! Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

merry christmas michael from vancouver,,,okay actually delta...
long estranged cousin. I have been reading your blog over the last year...omg!! what an adventure.
wishing you all the best to you and Grit!!!
let me know when you pass through WR again....
sandra w.