Friday, November 24, 2006

My 100th Post...what now?

Wow. 100 posts. what now?

It has been just 3 weeks shy of a year since I started this blog, and reading back on some of the posts, I just can't believe how lucky I am.

In the past 11.5 months, just off the top of my head I have:

- flown over the International Dateline to Australia
- been blown away by the serenity of the South Pacific Islands
- been stung by a school of baby jellyfish and luckily didnt have to get peed on
- been a pirate in the indian ocean
- crossed the equator in a ship
- drank beer with strangers in a dark alley in Bangkok
- treated a Thailand prostitute's to a free dinner with a friend and then hung out with her in Kao San Road talking and laughing simply because we thought it would be nice for her to have a "night off".
- not only witnessed but photographed a burial at sea
- sat on the beach in Phuket where the tsunami hit the worst.
- rode on and befriended an elephant named "Sweetheart".
- para-sailed in malaysia.
- fell in love with someone who lives on the other side of the planet, and who to this day i have actually spent more time away from her than with her since we met, and we're stronger than ever. (by the way, Grit told me yesterday that she got a call from Steiner, she is coming to work on the Coral in 8 days!!!!)
- took a train to venice, italy and spent 8 hours in absolute amazement.
- survived what could have been one of the worst disasters at sea ever recorded, and walked away without a scratch and standing taller.
- dipped my hands in the famous fountain, and hummed "give peace a chance" to myself at the John Lennon memorial in central park, new york.
- I have crossed the atlantic in 9 days, and woke up at 530am one morning to watch the statue of liberty get closer.
- I have taken a photo straight down from the top of the empire state building.
- i have cried at the world trade center site.
- i have swung from tree to tree on a cable while it was pouring down in a rainforest in costa rica, and screamed to the heavens the whole way.
- i swam with stingrays in grand cayman 1 week before steve irwin died, and i am going to do it again.
- i have soaked up the sun lying on a tube drifting down the great river in jamaica
- i have finally brought home a girl that my family likes :)
- i have learned a few words in over 15 different languages
- i live with 800 crew members from over 40 different countries every day that never fight each other, never steal from, and can always manage to make each other smile. i dont see why the rest of the world find it so difficult.
- i have watched storms all night and past the sun rising over the middle of the ocean, just because i could have sworn that i could have very well been the only one in the world to see it.
- i have walked ACROSS the locks of the panama canal... very little people do that.

the list goes on...all for the past 11 months.

and what now? i keep on roaming.

thats what we do.

like buffalo, we roam.

and then all of it happens.

and we roam.



Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hey Mike, nice post.
Please stop by to see new photos of Kaia - and Crystal's poopy dog too - Hugo. I mentioned you on my blog today - hope you get lots of visitors!

Skittles said...

Wow.. impressive list.. great adventures!

thethinker said...

I'm jealous. I've only ever been out of the country twice.

empty nester said...

I know Grit has been there for a week by now. When you come up for air we look forward to reading more of your adventures! HAHA!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Ya, c'mon Mike....we're waiting....

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