Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Picture Time!

ok these mexican keyboards are very hard to get used to haha! ok, i am in Cozumel Mexico right now, and i just popped off the ship to send some random pics of this cruise. the zipline tour in costa rica was amazing, and although i didnt get to do the ATV tour in jamaica, the river tubing that replaced it was well worth it. Panama was a real treat too, i actually jumped off the cruise ship at 5am while it was still moving and onto a pilot boat that took me to shore. then i shot photos of everyone on their balconies as they past by me in the locks of the panama canal. i actually walked ACROSS one of the locks to go to the other side... not many people do that! in fact, only 3 people on the entire ship can actually leave at that time, and they are all photographers hahahaha. ok, i am gonna finish the blog entry and then grab some mexican food. then its back onto the ship, i gotta finish feeding my negs through the line and print em off before island night! yay!


this is jay, canadian SR. Videographer (probably my roomate in 2 days too...good thing we really really get along). In panama we shoot the balconies on the ship for an hour and then we have about 6 hours off with an escort until the ship comes back to get us, and all we do is drive around. this is a friend of our escorts in a local REAL pub (not some dolled up one for passengers, this is authentic). Got our asses handed to us in Pool though...damn those guys are good!

this is our new friend pointing to HIS women.... old men dont change no matter where you are haha.

this is one of the tugs that pull the ships through the panama canal. this particular one has been retired and is sitting in a park...for big kids to play on!

striking a pose in panama. Vogue :)

ZipLine tour in costa rica....150 metres in the air, in a rainforest, pouring more rain than any day i have ever been alive to witness. also...biggest frontal wedgie ever...look at that package!

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Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Oooooh, Mike - I love hearing your adventures - you are doing and seeing SO much - lucky guy!!! Panama Canal sounds very interesting - I hope to see it soon.