Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh me, Oh my!

I just had to mention this, as I am completely stoked about it. On the Crown last contract I didnt go on a single tour/shore excursion through the ship because I either had zero time, or my cabinmate Jacek always beat me to it...

Today, I have not only booked one, but TWO shore excursions for this cruise.

Ready? Get this:

1. Tomorrow, I am joining a small crowd of say 20 people and we are all hopping on our own ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and we are driving up and down the beaches of Montego Bay, Jamaica. After kickin up the sand for a while, we are driving up Mt. Zion (yes, Bob Marley's 'Zion'). I should get quite a few nice jungle type photos with this one!

and finally:

2. In 5 days time, I will be joining again about 20 people, but all Crew this time (Crew Only Tour), and we are doing whats called a 'ZipLine' in Limon, Costa Rica. A ZipLine can basically be described as "that tightrope people dangle from hooks on in the TV show 'Fear Factor'..."
We are going from tree to tree shimmying across a metal zipline, roughly 80 feet in the air...

stoked? yes! scared?

....not yet ;)


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