Thursday, January 25, 2007

Photo Update!

Hey Everyone! Everything is going well... nothing unusual around here... oh, Jan 17th we were coming back to Ft Lauderdale and we saw a very small boat with 16 or so refugees making a run for the USA... they were badly dehydrated and they had a hole in the bottom of the boat so we picked them up, fed them and clothed them until the coast guard got them. I imagine they go back to Cuba, but i assume its better than drowning! Kudos to the captain for picking them up... when they got on they said 2 other cruise ships passed right by them without even looking.

In other news, Jan 28th is mine and Grit's 1 year anniversary with Princess Cruises... man what a year! Grit's doing well, but has decided this is her last contract as a steiner... we are planning our next step now. I am coming home for a bit after my contract and she will most likely stay on for a bit and then when i am done, she will walk off the ship (quitting and flipping off Steiner in the process), and then we will fly to Germany and tour Europe for a month or so. Bills will be paid by then, and we will have a good idea of what to do next. Dubai is looking promising at the moment.

In Grand Cayman now... gonna head back to the ship and go to the gym for a bit, then its formal night... meh, whattya gonna do :)

I'm Ron Burgandy. Keep it real, San Diego!


Grit and I on New Years!

Grand Cayman Sea Turtles taste the best...

Grit's first time in Jamaica... she was SO happy :)

MY sexy self walking around the Panama Canal locks Jan 22nd.

The photo team, Christmas Eve 2006. Par-tay!

This is (no word of a lie) Bob Marley's bed. We went to tour his house and went to his tomb as well. I have knelt down 2 feet in front of Bob Marley.

Up in the spa for a full Barber treatment. Shave and a Haircut... literally! (but it wasn't two bits, it was free lol)

Just outside Bob Marleys House and across from his tomb.

St. Maarten. Boxing Day (Dec 26th for you americans haha). Jellyfish sting. Nothing a little Aloe right from the beach didnt clear up! If you have ever licked a 9 volt battery, it feels the same way... but on your foot lol.

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