Thursday, January 11, 2007

Re: My Inner-Violin.....

The night I wrote the previous entry I woke up 3:30am to find out my inner-violin was not an inner-violin at was food poisoning :)

I lept over Grit, ran to the bathroom, and literally emptied from every opening in my body....

shortly after I was quarantined to an even smaller cabin for 24 hours, watching the same movies over and over again, and actually getting bored of sleeping....and showering for fun.

they let me out yesterday at about noon, dubbed it "food poisoning" (not norwalk, thank God).... and i was back in my cabin getting ready to work before I could say "oh shit, my sink is still plugged". :(

as for the whole 'terror in the spa' thing about Grit leaving.... i found out ONE THING.... Grit is just way too damn smart to go down that easily. All the emotions over the past while must have triggered this survival instinct in Grit because she had about 15% retail sales before I went into the quarantine, and when I came out her retail was and still is just over 50%.... Germans must REALLY love David Hasselhoff!

Never Piss off zhe Germans, ja? zay vill puneesh you! :)

but....the inner-violin is still playin.... hrmmm.... sickness is gone, Grit wont be going anywhere..... so what could it be?


Ken said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Where did you eat the day before? Please, please let it NOT be Horizon Court!

By the way we just got back from a week on the Golden Princess out of New Orleans -- Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel -- and lots of wonderful days at sea. A fabulous cruise on a wonderful ship. You can read all the details on my blog.

chrisparry said...

Hello Mike...up for one?

Michael Wachniak said...

Mr. Parry!!!!

2 very very very very very very very portugese whore dirty vodka martini's ....

with extra olives :)

happy new year bro! so, the sun princess next eh? how is Bogner Regis in "Jolly Old" treating ya?