Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pull the damn cord, Mikey!!!!

Its no surprise that I injured myself just moments after this photo was taken...

but what a cool photo, n'est pas? :)

I've been working my tushie off this past two weeks I have been home...my God has it been two weeks already?! I have also been on this computer many hours each day trying to finish my new site, I am really surprised that I havent added anything on my blog in the process.... but there you have it lol. The new site will be up this week sometime...and it really isnt anything special, its just a little more full and rounded.... rather than just a portfolio, there are services, prices, CURRENT contact info (haha...guess i should update my address from calgary lol). I have added a storefront, where you can (for real this time) purchase my fine art prints! Not only that, but as your photographer, I am also adding the service of making your photos available for viewing online with your own login and password, so you and your family/friends can view AND purchase photos online from a very reputable third party company! On the wedding side of things, I am adding the option of canvas prints AND Leatherbound Photo albums courtesy of the hard working individuals at www.willowbook.com I have a lot of people on my side of the line this time, helping me out...the team is literally growing daily...it feels good :)

new camera equipment, new site, new business cards (thanks, Charles! lol), new advertising campaign...

...same great taste :)


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