Thursday, June 28, 2007

YeeHaaw!! Calgary-bound!

Well, its almost time to pack for Calgary! Grit's doing her suitcase now, and I will raid the closet shortly after her... we are leaving tomorrow morning at 5am for CowTown!

We were checking prices of flights a week or so ago, and to our demise we were looking at a gruelling $220 bucks each!!! ONE WAY!!!! HELLLL NO!!! So, we sat and thought, and thought and sat, and sat and thought some more.... days went by, and still nothing......Then we thought of something: what if we could catch a ride with someone, even a perfect stranger, and just pay for gas (and pray there were no assrapings that followed!).... but how could we find somone like that? Then it struck us like a ton of bricks....

.....and on the fifth day, God created Craigslist. And it was good.

After only a few hours of posting our ad, we had a lead! and then another! and another!

Hopefully we weeded out all the serial killers... because we leave tomorrow in an unknown Dodge Caravan, with an unknown couple... :)

its not that we couldnt afford the flights, we just cant justify spending all that money when we could get there cheaper AND with a slightly better adventure in the meantime!

Now Grit can see the mountains, and hell, maybe there will be enough adventures this vacation to light a spark under my ass to write some more on my blog LOL

We are getting picked up by my dad tomorrow night in calgary, and heading straight to brooks until the 6th, and then we are coming up to calgary for the stampede July 6th - July 13th, and then heading to my 10 year high school reunion.... UGH!

The stampede is gonna rock, and I am glad that I have a few photo gigs to do while I am in Calgary!

I will keep everyone posted, and I hope to see or hear from some of you guys while I am there!

talk soon!



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