Friday, June 01, 2007

Shhhh, its a secret...

Hey all! How goes the battle?

I've been working on the 'photo-business' over the past while... finding clients for weddings, portraits, pet photography..etc. and I have also been assisting this amazing photographer in Vancouver. I have become great friends with him (please dont insert Brokeback Mountain theme here...'why cant i quit you?!!!! ' lol) he has taught me a great deal and has actually sent a few jobs my way so that is great. I have also been doing some movie work (background extras) just to kill time... I have been on an episode of "Psych", "PainkillerJane" and "Kyle XY" since I have been back home... I was called out today for "Stargate: Atlantis" but sadly...didnt have the car lol... oh well.

I have also been reading "The Secret" ....for those of you who don't know what this book/film/phenomenon is, I'll explain: You (yes you) actually create your life. If you want a million bucks, you feel it, and you get a million bucks. If you want love, you imagine it, and you get Love.

Essentially: You think...therefore you are.

what a powerful book... almost too powerful actually, it has scared me on more than a few occasions now.

Just to prove a point, I am going to write down something here today and you will see how quickly it materializes into my life... the last few tests have been almost 'twilight zone' scarey....

I have been kinda scattered lately as to what I want my focus in Photography to be on... then I thought that since I love everything, why dont I become a photojournalist... without the schooling haha. So I emailed some friends who are photojournalists (one was a photographer for the Olympics in Athens, and the other works for The Canadian Press) and asked them for advice. I also looked up some stock agencies for Press photos...and even passed the test on Getty Images' site. Now all I have to do is upload some samples, but you only get one shot so I wanna do some new ones and then send some... I want the photos to be FRESH.

So....for my little 'Secret' test... I have told the Universe that I AM a Famous Photojournalist, and I LOVE my life and my job and my family, and I have an abundance of everything I could ever possibly want and need.

So let it be.

Thank you, Universe ;)


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