Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In Port Penang for a few hours...

I have until 4pm off today so i thought i would run ashore and throw some photos online...its so bloody hot here, i got a slight sunburn in Phuket yesterday (yes i FINALLY set foot in Phuket)... we went elephant trekking yesterday and damn what an experience that was.... some of these photos are just random ones that i thought i would share....getting more of a fanbase on the blog so i thought hey....why not show everyone more of what i am doing? :)

This is KohSan Road in Bangkok...this is a giant backpacking area where everyone around the world meets and has a great time... Ray, you were somewhere within a block from me when I took this.... but we never got to meet... so I slept at a prostitutes house with Szymon....long story...but hey, that should shock and awe a few readers hahahah only I know the real story ;)

My feet on Patong Beach in Phuket... where the tsunami hit the hardest on the island....imagine seeing it come in from this hurts the heart. It really does.

I caught this lucky shot as we were doing morning gangway shots in Phuket. I thought it looked pretty neat.

Me sittin on the curb at a 7-11 drinking ChangBeer (bought from 7-11) on the way to Bangkok. I think this was in Laem Chabang...who knows.

Kids in Koh Samui. I thought it would make for a nice pic to get them to make faces at me. They really love seeing themselves on the screen on the camera lol

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