Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just a quick note to everyone to say Adobe had her puppies!!! I know most of you are thinking "Adobe was pregnant?" well ya she and get this: 10 puppies!!!! 8 girls, 2 boys, and aparantly she is doing so well and they are healthy.... i want to see the puppies!!!! Hill, send some pics asap so i can upload them!!! I want pics of Peach with the puppies ok?

Now other news quickly... I have to meet Grit at her Salon in 10 min so we can go for food. I cant remember if i mentioned on here yet or not, but my next ship is NOT Italy. May 8th, when the ship is sold, I come back to Vancouver and have one month off, and then I am continuing on with a new contract and hopping onto the Diamond Princess. Its a Grand Class ship (look at and take a look at it...its so amazing!) and its based out of Vancouver (ironic eh?) and making 2 week cruises to and from Alaska... then in September we go down to the Mexican Riviera. Ah, the ship life :) I just hope Grit can make it to the same ship... being a Steiner (thats the name of the company she works for... hard to explain) its difficult to request a ship. So far our hopes aren't too high, but the universe knows what to do and will make the best for both of us. Szymon, Anna, Will, and maybe even Joel might be heading to Alaska as well, so thats nice. May-August is peak season for the Alaska cruises, and something like 12 out of the 20 ships are there so chances of seeing everyone is pretty good. Not to mention the fact that everytime we stop, there is at least one other ship there, so we can probably visit for a few hours each time if anything.... here's hoping!

ok, more talk later...someone say hi if they can ok? I like getting a few emails every now and then even if its just a hello :)



vince said...

Don't you wish you were fixing printers?

Michael Wachniak said...

not even remotely hahahah how are ya doing man? long time no talk lol

send me an email sometime and let me know how you are and what you've been up to aight? or


Jenny said...


Michael Wachniak said...

hahahahah yay!!!! i am waiting on hillory sending me pics but as soon as i get them i will send them ok? we are grandparents! lol :)

Jenny said...

When you say it like that it makes me feel even older! :)

rcasey said...

hi son: you a grandpa,,me a nana,,hmmmm doesn't seem to fit,,ha ha. the puppies are so cute mike,,and jenny,,your heart will melt when you see the pics,,they are really beautiful puppies..looking forward to you coming home to visit,son. getting your room ready as we speak, lol. the pics on your blog are terrific, as usual,,take care,,talk to you mom xoxoxoxo

TAKOFFA said...

Hey Mike,

Been reading your blog and am very jealous of all your travels. Sounds like you are having a great time. Heard you are going to photograph my friend Eva's wedding this fall. Take care dude,Krista

sandra said...

Hey Mike
Me again. Still trying to sort out all the photos I took, but the ones from the ship (with dates or events on them) help put them into some kind of order. Congratulations on becoming a grandpa!!..does that mean the chimps have to take a back seat?
It's starting to get a bit cooler now in Sydney as autumn sets in. Sounds like you got a nice ship. I am hopefully getting a look at her when she is in Sydney at Easter. Theres a couple of invitations floating around somewhere in cyberspace for me. Anyway, take care & have a happy easter.