Friday, March 03, 2006

Where am I? was in Bangkok the other day, and Singapore a few days before that, then today I was in Malaysia, and then tomorrow I am in Singapore again.....I think the captain is lost.

I am just writing quickly before heading down to the cinema (Broken Flowers is playing, gotta see it), and although I really have nothing to say that would excite you.....I am sure I can make up something.

.....nah, I cant.....brain no workie. Things are going good, we were in Kuantan today, but I didnt get a chance to see it because I was shooting Gangway (people coming off the ship to go and play). I finished at noon and worked at 3 again and we set sail at...4 or 5...but for that 3 hours that I had off in the between time, Szymon, Anna and myself took the 40 minute free bus ride into Kuantan, I bought an English/German dictionary (Hey, why not...Grit is helping too lol), and then literally 10 min after I left the bus I got back on. Oh first I stopped into 7-11. Just because I could. In Singapore there is a traditional tea called Tarek Tea, and here in Asia they have "Pepsi Tarek" lol. Its actually kinda good. Mix redrose tea aftertaste with sounds gross but damn, just try it lol

Ok movie time, I gotta run. I will probably jump off the ship tomorrow in Singapore to write more to you all, but I can't go and see the city again til next week because I have to shoot Embarkation photos (the new people coming on tomorrow)...My third Cruise is almost finished!


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