Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IMD March 8th

Just a quick note before I head back to work. I just wanted to wish all the women in my life (past, and present) a very Happy International Women's Day. I don't know much about this day, but I found a site that looks to have all the information anyone would need. If I had the money and arms over 30,000km long I would hand you each a rose but for now only Anna, Alison, and Grit get that privelage. ;)

Mom, Hill, Kaia, Anne, Heather, Kelly, Dana, Amber, Bev, Angel+Adobe (yes, i'm including female dogs too), Mary (mom's cat...what the hell, eh?) and all the others that I am sure I would have mentioned provided I wasnt being tapped on the shoulder every 20 seconds by someone who wants to use the all mean so much to me and I think about you more than you really ever will know.




-- Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Aaaawwwwwwww....thank you for including me in your thoughts and wishes (I'm glad to be just slightly ahead of Adobe and Mary :) I look forward to reading your blog and check on it every day. Your photos are fabulous! H

rcasey said...

thankyou so much for remembering i am also a woman (besides a mother) har har,,,that was very sweet of you son. i love you too,,take care xoxoxoxo love mom