Sunday, March 05, 2006

Update to the terror

I'm alive. All is well. No pirates while I slept, however we did stay in the same spot, anchored in the middle of the Mallacca Strait for over 36 hours... we just started moving 2 hours ago, and still nothing is fixed. we are working off one propeller and basically HOBBLING into the closest port, Port Kelang (Kuala Lumpur)...should be there around 6pm, its 2pm right now...

Today was supposed to be a day off too...dammit I was going out to see sites and all that, but now I had to work in the gallery...oh well...still not an office job, so can't complain. Plus, I just saw Szymon and Anna's photos of the Singapore Zoo....and I am totally jealous and therefore going there myself or with Grit next week. The Orangutans walk all over you and cuddle you and you can pet Tigers and ride elephants!! Tell me thats not the best place in the world!!!!!! YOU CAN PLAY WITH MONKEYS!!!!!!

Till then, my friends!



Hillory said...

Hey You

How Exciting. We just got home last Night from Disney Land in California--It really is a Magical place--amazing. Please check your email --I gotta get some stuff arranged--I have been talking to Julie and we have to the 26th to get things in order--Anywho check your email. It's important--You really think it could be a career. Cool. I bet it would be earie but exciting too--maybe I have watched to many exciting scarry movies.
I Love You--

Michael Wachniak said...

HEY!! Glad you are back! Things are good now, we are in Port Penang...i think thats Malaysia still...who knows...different day, different know how it goes haha. I finally get a day off so i am running around grabbing malaysian money and burning photos onto cd (hope to throw some bangkok/mallaca/aussie photos on blog today) and my camera batteries are charged. i will post more when i am off the ship (the next 2 hours or so). love ya!