Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Night In Bangkok!!!

Hey all!
I am in Bangkok right now, and everything is so cheap! I just bought a high quality Brazil Soccer shirt for 3 bucks american!!!Grit, Szymon (i couldnt find a way to say 'hey man, i wanna go on a date, leave me alone') and myself have been running around getting VERY VERY VERY lost in Bangkok since 2pm and its now 7pm. We shared a van ride into Bangkok from Laem Chabang with some passengers and it took 2 hours to get here. The cool thing was it cost us 10US each lol. We are all going to get a Thai Massage after this entry for one hour for 200 Baht, which is about 6 bucks US....I think I am in paradise! Then at about 10pm we are going to find (hopefully) our shopping center where we got dropped off, and meet back with the cool passengers and then make it back to the ship (even though its cheap, i dont want to blow my money on a hotel to stay here overnight....).... so I am having a blast right now and maybe tomorrow i will spend 4 bucks and go to Pataya, and see some traditional old places...if that makes sense....

OK I should go now, we are gonna run around Bangkok for a bit and take night shots and get our massages and blah blah blah...the life of a photographer ;)

See you all in the next cartoon!


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