Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine Day!

So today, I was in Albany. I did my first tour (for free). Valentine's Day, and I was on a tour bus with 80+ old people and my camera. Didnt bother me any, I kinda liked it. For the record, Google "Albany Natural Bridge" and see if you can find pictures. I consider it now, my 2nd wonder of MY world. 1st being a tie with the fact that there is 1km or so of water under me and I am finally doing what I wanted to do my whole life, and the fact that my sunburn (and peeling) is finally gone.

So once I got back to the ship, I started thinking a lot about Valentine's Day. Typical "i am alone and no one loves me in that way and blah blah blah blah"..... so I thought "hey, I cant do anything about that right now, so what can I do to make me happy?". Then it occured to me... what should I be in love with today? not who, but what should be my valentine today? I took pictures all night of other people in love.... then it hit me (many things hit me out here...):

I am in love with....love.

Every single couple I took photos of today were easily pushing 70...and every single one just as much in love with each other than the next. No bickering (well, very little), and everyone had a smile (well, most). I over heard a couple saying this was their 27th cruise, and another couple said it was their 19th. They are still goofing around and flirting as if they were 16 years old. It was such a warm feeling to see everyone smiling and in love through my viewfinder, that I didnt even care that I was alone or yadda yadda yadda.... to hell with it. I dont need it. I want love, but I have it, its all around me. Its all around everyone, and if you dont see it, you are being selfish. If its not the love you are lookign for, its still love. Love is love. There are folks on this ship, sleeping right now, and when they wake up, I imagine them kissing each other, one maybe walking slowly to the door and getting breakfast for the other, and then bringing it back to bed to share it with the ones they love. Valentines day doesnt even matter. Love for these folks (and most I hope, eventually) is every day.

Happy February 14th everyone. To hell with Valentine's Day. Spread it throughout the year, and if you cant for some reason, just listen and watch it around you. Its there.

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-- Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Awwwwwww.....that was really nicely written. You are very poetic. Kaia came over for dinner tonight and Auntie Tystal cooked for us all. We were planning to go swimming, but the time just flew by and we ended up too lazy to move so Kaia and I played Disney games online while watching the figure skating. Sean and Hillory are here now to pick up Kaia. Happy Valentine's Day! Heather