Sunday, February 26, 2006

Singapore, getting into trouble, and IPM@KOHSAMUI was a sea day, tommorrow is Koh Samui, and yesterday was Singapore. Thats all I know. Time has flown in the past few days. One minute I am typing in a cafe in Malaysia, the next I am wandering aimlessly around Singapore downtown with Szymon for 6 hours getting lost every ten minutes but loving it, and the next I am stressing out over a Formal night and getting yelled at for the first time. The machines screwed up last night around 2am so I couldnt print off my flyers for the passengers (to let them know about our daily portraits), and so I called Will and he told me to leave it for him in the was he that was supposed to close the machines down, so when he started getting into sh!t I took the flack (hey, its better to be a new guy and take flack and make strong friends than to watch a guy thats SUPPOSED to know what he is doing get into even worse sh!t). So he got off scott free and I got a beating (they were dangling me over deck 11 and beating me like a pinata)....well not really, I just got told to make sure my flyers were all printed tonight and that was it. BUT, its now 2:30am (actually 330 am but we changed clocks back 1 hour again tonight thank God) and I have to be in the gallery for 7:30am...Ugh. "Will, turn your LOUD alarm on for me ok?!" "3...2...1...wake up!! wake up!! wake up!!" that thing still makes me laugh lol.

So ya, tomorrow we are in Koh Samui, which i THINK is in Thailand, not sure. I am In-Port-Manning so I have to stay on the ship (oh well, its just another beach apparantly) plus I get to see it 10 more times in the next 2 biggie. But the day after we are staying in Laem Chebang for 2 days so I am doing a 12 hour tour with Grit (pronounced Gdit), my new friend. She is this amazing German gal who barely speaks english (which is why i think we get along...she cant understand me lol). Its actually kinda sweet: she stumbles upon sentences to me, i understand her more than anyone on the ship (other than the Germans of course) and she is teaching me German. (for the record, "Lick my ass" is Lech meeham ash....dont ask, its just better that way... its not literal, its how they say Kiss My ass...and I just had to laugh). Anyways, we are spending the day at an Elephant hostpital, and having a traditional Thailand dinner in Bangkok, and then watching a Thailand Dance....Ive seen pics, its amazing!

Ok I gotta go to bed now!

talk to you all later! Oh...actually, Aden left in Singapore and he wont be back for 1.5 months. I miss him, so for Aden's sake, I will once again say:

See you all in the next cartoon!

Oh, and Lech meeham ash! =)

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