Saturday, February 11, 2006


So, we went to Adelaide yesterday. Before this cruise I had never even heard of the place, so I had very low expectations. When I got there, though, my opinion changed. I fell in love with the place. Nothing fantastic about it really, (other than the fact that its in Australia, and everything is new to me), I just loved absolutely everything about it. The trees are different, the birds are different, there are amazing buildings and parks and everything Its somewhere where I would be proud to call home. (dont get ideas, I am just making a happy observation).

I found an internet cafe while travelling (and knew I would, so i brought a CD with photos to email), and when I got there, my blog was down for maintenance, and my photo site wouldnt recognize my password....BUT all was not lost, for I emailed myself the photos, so if anyone wants the ones I had at the time (Lifou, Ouvea, Isles of Pines, etc) let me know in the comments here, or email me and I will be more than happy to send them to you.

Today is a sea day, and tomorrow as well, and then we arrive in Albany. Then its another sea day followed by (i think) Fremantle or Exmouth. Then the latter, and then 4 sea days til Asia. This will be an amazing chapter. In the next 3 months, I see Singapore 10 times....ask me a year ago if i would have ever been to Singapore in my entire life and I bet I would have said no. Now I can build a time machine and show myself the photos I will take :)

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