Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ouvea, Lifou, Isle of Pines...

Hey everyone! I have to be brief (I have $1.03 left on my internet card lol)... We were at the isle of pines today which is amazing (look it up...i wandered around it all day with Anna and Szymon..feet hurt).. we did Lifou yesterday, Port Vila the day before (I was IPM - In Port Manning - meaning I had ot stay on the ship for Port Vila so I couldnt see it), and Ouvea the day before that.... all of these: picture the typical "post card" sandy beaches with palm trees and coconuts and clear blue waters.....and then picture me..with my

Thats my office. I work there.

And now we are starting a 3 day trek back to Melbourne where we will start our 3 month run around Asia :)

I will update you all further...when I have more internet money.... and when I can update with photos too! email me @ everyone ok?!

now if you will excuse me, I am gonna go run and grab some food, then head up to watch us wander around the islands..ciao!

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