Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day 5, and I found the internet room!!!

I am drunk....well sort of. This is the end of day 4 totally at sea and before I go to bed I will try to recap the past few days. I will write in point form because the internet sucks when you are in the middle of the ocean lol...

Saturday Day 1:
- Arrived at the dock in Melbourne to embark the Pacific Sky @ 7am. I seemed to have a TINY bit more luggage than most people....jeez.
- Met my employees: my boss Joel (crazy aussie surfer type) great guy, Will (my roomate) from England...thick accent but awesome bloke, Anna (representing the Hungarians lol) I work with her the most she is awesome, Alison (south african I think) I dont know her much but she is pretty neat too, Szymon (shammon...lol ya...like how Michael Jackson says it) represents Poland..he is cool but hard to understand sometimes, and finally Ben (there always has to be a Ben...life just wouldn't seem right without one!)
- Joel shows me my room....bunk beds, a shoebox that passes for a closet (trust me its small), and a bathroom (3'x5' tops)...yippie...
- 2pm we set sail. 2:15pm I am nausius. 3pm I vomit. 4pm I work in the gallery selling prints. 5pm I vomit. 5:15pm I go to the medical centre and get a shot of "phenegran" in the ass. I pass out and sleep til morning.

Sunday (day 2):
- I wake up groggy but ok. I go to work and skip breakfast.
- "Formal Night"...Mike wears a Tux and takes "Sears" type portraits of everyone. It was fun, had softboxes and backdrops...and hot Aussie women....
- Got to bed @ 11pm

Monday (day 3):
- Feeling fantastic!
- work the gallery (basically in a store selling the prints that are displayed....prints are of passengers)
- I have heard 6 times on this cruise so far that I have an Irish accent....that makes me laugh. hard. (by the way I am typing this now on wednesday, and the talley is now up to 8. serious.)
- As everyone heads to the bars at night, I head to the passengers library and read "Tuesdays with Morris"....not a party pooper, I just didnt feel like partying....and you are right, Jenny, this book is amazing!

Tuesday (day 4):
- hit snooze button on alarm like 40 times and still made it to work on time (thats the wonderful part of living at work lol)
- worked at gallery, then decided to go up to the 11th floor and head to the gym....its iron pumping time! Then I went out to the deck and sunbathed for an hour or so with the passengers. Its amazing how you can look on any side of the ship and see nothing but ocean. I love how blue it is....(for crayon references, look up Ultramarine Blue...thats the color)
- bought an internet card and a phone card....scratched the back of the phone card to get my PIN number....and the number came off with it....!##%^@!!! not happy....they are fixing it now though so i will call people soon.
- it was Pajama night on the ship....(a note to the guys: 1500 passengers...approx. 700 are Aussie women ages 20-35.....now....picture them drunk in lingerie......and i get to photograph them!! envy me... envy me i say!!)
- I head to the Starlight Bar on 9th floor and its basically a giant rave....loud rave/house/trance/top40-remix hits....and everyone is a fool....it was so fun...and I drank...(by the way.....drinks are $1.00AUS for crew....I drank my fill for under 10 bucks)
- OLD PEOPLE were raving....I mean 70 year old guys were dressed in womens undergarments and dancing around with 20 year old women....I was so happy for them lol
- went to bed @ 2am, wrote all this stuff in my journal so i could type it later today.

We are heading into Ouvea tomorrow (Thursday, Australian time. I am a day ahead.) I will be spending 5 hours walking around sandy beaches and taking pics.... I dont know how I will be able to show you guys photos, but I will try... Talk to you all soon! please email me @ ike1@hotmail.com because I dont know how to check my other account yet ok? ciao!

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