Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hey all, just filling everyone in quickly, and then I will write something meaningful later tonight. Tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 25th) I will be leaving Vancouver airport @ 5pm PST and arriving in Los Angeles @ 8pm PST. There, I will wander around until I find the appropriate gate for my next flight (and longest I have ever taken to date). At 11:15pm PST I will hop onto a big birdie and fly on its back for 15h10m and safely (knock on wood) arrive in Melbourne, Australia. With the time zone changes and what not, I will arrive @ 9:25am local time. I will then meet strangers (with a "Mr. Wachniak" sign no doubt lol) that will take me to my hotel. I am sure I will NEED to sleep the entire day away, but by a show of hands, who thinks I will barely make it to my room before I am running around the city taking pictures? :)

The next day (Saturday) I will be picked up early in the am and taken to my cruise ship "The Pacific Sky" and I will start my training and blah blah blah (ha ha)....

more later!

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