Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another year over, and a new one just begun...

A bunch of random thoughts in lieu of another year gone by. It doesn't have to make sense. At least not now...

Its funny how much one changes, when nothing seems to have changed at all. The second bottle of champagne that I kept unopened in my fridge for 5 months before finally letting go of the past. The "Employment", the "I hate my job", the "Unemployment" stages, never seemed to be getting me anywhere. The friends I thought I would lose, the friends I thought I would never lose, and the friends that were right under my nose the entire time, not going anywhere. Never.

The hard parts are there to just make sure you're ready. Its all one big test. Preparation.

"Are you finally ready? Its hard out there, man. Here, take this. If you ever need anything, don't worry. We'll know. We always do. The signs are always out there, some just need the right light to see them. Are you sure you can paddle on your own? We'll be here if you need us. We're not going anywhere. Be strong. Try not to let the fire burn out. If it does though, don't worry. Its not your eyes that should be guiding you anyways. It your heart. When they are ready to show up, they will. And they will know. They will know everything you did. They will know everything about everything. And they will know that you are still here. Like I said about the hard parts, all they do is make sure you're ready."

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