Friday, January 27, 2006

Update to previous post...

This will be quick, my laptop is almost dead (no way of charging it until i get to the ship tomorrow). I wandered around taking pictures today, and had a total blast. Then I came back to the room, slept til 8:45pm, got a phone call saying I will be picked up at 6am tomorrow. I laughed. They were serious. i stopped laughing. Then I went to the restaurant and had supper (tortelini with red pepper sauce...damn that was good). Then I walked around the city for a while again. Tons of people out, its Friday night, so everyone is partying it up. Streets are
like Stephen Ave in Calgary, but add about 300 more people to it lol. Now I am back writing this, and then I will have a bath maybe and then hit the hay. I will keep everyone posted as to what is happening later on ok!? Goodnight people!

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