Saturday, January 14, 2006

I giggled til the cops came...

Hey all, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would post a link for all comedy-fans out there. I have been meaning to try out a few new podcasts for a while now, but as usual I forget or get distracted and go onto something else. I can usually blame the distraction on something shiny or springy. Anyways, I found a podcast called "Keith and the Girl", and I must say I have never laughed so hard by myself since.....well since I found that third nipple on my shoulderblade. These guys basically talk about whats in the news, and who's hot vs. who's not...a typical newscast. Having said that.....a word of advice: Kids should not be in the listening vicinity. When you download each 1-hour episode, you get this nice little "explicit" logo that pops up to warn you of what lurks ahead. What it should say is: "if dirty language was medicine, we could heal the world in a single episode".

The link to get the episodes and find out more is:

There, now that I have shared with you guys, I feel better. I am going to have a bath, and maybe think of something else to write. Maybe something cool, but probably not.

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