Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Force is strong in him. I can feel it....

I haven't had much time to write anything for a few days, but this story cannot go unnoticed.

As a child I have always taken the idea of Psychic capabilities very seriously. I remember thinking that I could talk to people with my mind, or predict the future, or anything else that a true JEDI would be capable of. Hell, I still do. Very much in fact. Its a frequent thought in my mind, and the scary thing is...I have a very high percentage of intuition. Small things though, like knowing the time before looking at a clock, or waking up right before my alarm goes off because I hated the sound of it. Its not something I consider a rarity, I think everyone has something like that. I guess its just a matter of how you can tune into it, and the world is getting louder and louder every day.

I flew back to Calgary today after a nice 4 week Christmas visit with my mom and sister. I left my car in White Rock because I will only be staying here a week and then its back to BC to start training for the new job (yay me!). Because of this, I now have to travel around by these two things I think are called "feet". This could not have come at a better time, I think I gained about 10lbs of turkey around my midsection and I really do not wear it well.

Anyways, my Jedi story...

Since I have been gone for 4 weeks, I took all my perishable food with me to BC and therefore my cupboards are bare, so I ran down to 7-11 to grab a quick bite to eat (Everything was closed already, I will hit up Safeway tomorrow LOL). On my way back I remembered that I brought home "Lost: Season 1 DVD" and I have the last half to watch (best damn show out there at this moment by the way. After a few more minutes of walking I came up to the Blockbuster Video and thought to myself "maybe you should go in just to see what is there"....."what the hell Mike, you just said that you wanted to watch Lost, don't waste your money"....."ya but just go might find something of interest, me" (Inner Monologue....ain't it a bitch?). I remember thinking something very important was in the store and I had to go I did.

As I walked in, there were a lot of people in line, and as I kept walking to the New Release area I noticed something.... two women were ripping open the factory sealed "For Sale" DVD's and stuffing them in their jackets. I played like I didn't notice and grabbed the first movie I saw and walked up to the front. I looked back cautiously to see if they were staring at me, and naturally they were. As I continued to wait, they continued to stuff movies in every pocket they could. Finally, when it was my turn at the counter I said to the teller "Excuse me, do you have a pen and paper? I am not sure if this is the movie I want, so I am just going to use my cell phone and call my friend." I pretended to call someone (and actually faked a conversation too I might add... look for me in next year's Golden Globe nominees), and as I did I wrote the following on the piece of paper:

"There are two women stealing at the back of your store wearing (blah blah blah). Here is my membership card if you need to contact me about this later. I will be back tomorrow to pick it up. thank you."

I handed it to the woman at the counter and walked out (without the movie....I am reporting thieves, not becoming one LOL).

I will update this when I go back tomorrow to get my membership card.

" just go in, might find something of me"

(insert Jedi song here)

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