Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas A Day Early...

Due to the fact that my mom is a nurse in the ER, and was kind enough to work for another person on Christmas Day, we are bumping the festivities at our house one day earlier. We really don't mind, Christmas is about being together, and so what if its on a different day? It also made me feel good that my mom did that, because I bet that normally it would be very hard to switch shifts with someone on Christmas Day.

So tonight, December 23rd, is TECHNICALLY "Christmas Eve". I am just about to have an afternoon nap, and mom is cleaning up. Then, when I wake up, I have some last minute wrapping to do (as I always do). My sister and Sean and Kaia (niece) should be here in around 4 hours, and thats when the par-tay starts. It just never really seems like a 100% Christmas unless there is a child bouncing off the walls. I am sure that for most of the night I will be running around the coffeetable with eggnogg in hand, chasing a 29-pound three year old, and an 80-pound two and a half year old (the last one is my Doberman, if you were wondering).

When the night winds down, we will all say our goodnights, and get settled for bed. Mom, on the other hand, has one last important task before she goes to sleep. Santa. He still doesn't know about our change in nights (or "eves" as it were). So, I imagine a few phone calls will be made (Reception at The North Pole, Vancouver Air Traffic Control, etc.), and then finally she can head off to bed.

When we wake up in the morning.......there will be coffee, juice, slippers, music (ain't no Christmas like a Bony M Christmas!), lights, love, warmth, laughter, oh ya........and chaos.

You havent' seen me open my presents :)

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