Friday, December 16, 2005

It was a Full Moon last night...

and my sister and I had our little "Moon Meditation". Every full moon (or NEW moon), we will get together on the phone and talk about what we want to see happening in our lives in the near future, and then take a few moments to sit and just imagine as if it were already happening. This time however, since I am in White Rock (where my mom and my sister live), we had a chance to talk about it in person. I imagined the following: I have been waiting for a callback from the Cruise Line position as a Photographer (yes, touring around the world on a cruise ship, as a photographer, getting paid UBER amounts of money), so I thought it would be great to get a phone call today (Friday) saying I got the job, and then I would work for six months touring the world, building up an amazing portfolio of my own, saving TONS of money, and then when I got back, I would use that money to work towards an acting career in Vancouver.

Sounds easy right?

So today, I wake up. Coffee is made, and a photography magazine awaits (I went to London Drugs last night and found a $20 bill in the parking lot, so I treated myself to the December edition of Outdoor Photographer, and a tin of Tiger Balm. Bad Back.) So I open the magazine, and the phone rings. "Hmm.." I say to myself. "I thought I predicted the Cruise Line call would be around 2:45pm today...and its only 11am." It was a talent agency here in Vancouver that I applied for a few days ago. Apparently I am working on X-Men 3 tonight and tomorrow as a Soldier. Holy $#%!

I guess the Moon got the order of my meditation wrong.

Meh. =)

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