Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm Sai-ling A-wayyyyy...

I got the job! I am an official Photographer on a cruise ship! I am going to be paid money to travel to exotic locations all around the world, doing what I love to do! Talk about a great Christmas Miracle, eh? I really thought I would get the job, I just ....didn't really think I would actually GET the job! (if that makes any sense...maybe I am just rambling)

Now I have to get all the necessary info back to "my people" down in Los Angeles, and then they will notify me of when and where I will be going. I gave my availability as Jan 15th, and I have to come back to Calgary for a week or so at the end of December to grab some documents, but I could very well be on the other side of the planet by this time next month! (hell, as long as its somewhere warmer I am happy) I really hope to see as many people as I can while I am in Calgary before I have to come back to Vancouver for departure. Please email me if you are free before and after New Year's ok?

"Good things take time. Great things happen all at once."

Someone buy me a lottery ticket ;)

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