Sunday, February 26, 2006

Some Random thoughts of Nothingness...

Hey all! We are now officially in Thailand! YAYYYYY! Koh Samui looks amazing (at least from the ship it does lol). All my friends are out having fun, and I am walking around the ship looking for things to do. I have 3 hours left until I get ready for my 2nd crusade as a Pirate (yay!) so I thought I would run down here and throw some random thoughts on here. I had a few that I thought of but now...its all a blur (isnt that always the way? lol). Well here goes nothing:

1. "Beetlejuice" was just on in the crewbar. Such a good movie! Everyone sang "Shake Senora: at the was kinda like a big karaoke party.....again....
2. Every single night when you see the sun set from the ship, you are always amazed. I have seen many crew photos but I have only taken a few myself, so you just have to take my word for it. There is a place up on the jogging track (highest place on the ship) that you can sit on this big platform and get yourself in frame with the sunset behind you, its so beautiful.
3. If you are good to crew, they are good to you in return. Its not about what you know in this line of work, its who you know. Be nice to people, and your life will be a whole lot more managable. There is this guy that sits at a table by the gallery once every cruise and has people sign up for wine tasting. We are always nice to him, so every time when he is done, the photog's get the grapes from his display. It sounds weird, but getting 2 bags of fresh grapes every week in a place where you mostly eat fish and rice ....its heaven. Things like that make the world go round.
4. I found out last night that the department that makes the most money on the entire ship is the crew bar. Now lets do some math here. I bought a Red Bull drink at the regular lounge...for 5 dollars!!! Thats not a drink, thats drink MIX, and its 5 dollars! I just wanted something to wake me up (its like Jolt if you dont know what it is...just lots of caffiene). In the crew bar, a tequilla sunrise is $2.50AUS. A Corona is $1.50AUS. Cigarettes in 25s (for the smokers) are $2.50AUS a pack. We arent spending a fortune per item here, and yet every single night 600 crew members spend more there than 1300 passengers at FULL price in any other bar on the ship....isnt there some safety regulation here??? And its not like its some big gong show every night. It may sound like it by the way I drag on, but really its just like a pub with casual drinking and music. Its like a BP Lounge. Weird.
5. Climbing 8 stories of stairs takes only 20 seconds or so, and no one is ever out of breath at the top (unless its a passenger). Going downstairs is just gravy. Thats right, I said Gravy.
6. We have a lifeboat #13. I just thought I would mention that.
7. I still hurt from waking up the other day and ramming my head on the roof. That was like...4 days ago! Still a very funny thing when I think about it lol.
8. Szymon, Kristen, Matt, and myself want to buy a helicopter. No reason.
9. I will be in Bangkok tomorrow :). As a matter of fact I might be there at night. One night. In Bangkok. (i will call anyone who wants to sing with me, just let me know haha)
10. Phuket (next cruise) has an island called James Bond Island. It was in a Bond flick (duh), and also if you have seen The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, the main scene looking off the beach where you see the two big rocks on either side and the big opening into the ocean in the middle.. Thats James Bond Island, and I will walk there with my own two feet next week!
11. I have gone to more countries in 4 days than I have in my entire life :)
12. I keep forgetting there is a New Zealand Ice Cream shop on deck 10...dammit!
13. No one here ever knows what day it is.
14. I am eating healthy but I wonder what I weigh.
15. I want someone to research for me on the internet places I will be going, so i dont have to spend money looking for things to do for free...if that made sense.
16. My boss Joel dropped $2300S in Singapore and bought a Canon 20D and all the trimmings. He lets me play with it. I love Joel.
17. I am trying really hard to nominate the dishwasher for employee of the month. Next time I can upload pics I will show you all a photo of him and you will see why. This guy works 16 hour days every single day and makes about $300 a month, and I NEVER see him without a smile. he literally makes my day.

ok thats it for now. I am sure i will think of one right when I hit "Publish" but if its important it can wait. Love you all, and when you hear from me next I will hopefully have some cool stories about my trip to Bangkok!




Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

You always make me smile...... :)

Michael Wachniak said...

as simple as it was for you to type that, that made my night! Just knowing that someone reads my blabbering is good enough, but to know that it can cause a smile from......I'm guessing the exact opposite side of the planet away... cheers! :)