Thursday, February 09, 2006

On to Cruise 2! Singapore here we come!

Hey everyone! My first cruise ended yesterday in Melbourne at around Noon! It was a blast! This next one is a 16 day cruise going the other way now (west) to Adelaide, Albany, Freemantle, Exmouth (i think), Perth, and then finally crossing the equator up into South East Asia (Malacca, Thailand, Singapore...etc). Its going to be amazing, there are a few reports that since we have a few days overnight at certain ports (check P&O cruises' website for the Pacific Sky's itinerary...I have no idea, I just take pictures lol), some of us are taking the train and heading into Bangkok (it costs like $2US dollars to take the train Oh, and yes...I will be singing that 80's Bangkok song. I still sing. Lots. The boat rocks continuously, and everytime I run up stairs I feel like I need to act out the ending of Grease (Olivia and John singing "you're the one that I want" in the fun house)....seems like only I get the point....wasted jokes... lol

So, yesterday I shot the embark photos (people walking onto the ship stop for a photo).... Oh, and seeing as how I was the first person to see the passengers, it was NOT surprising to have a male crew member come up to me every 5 minutes asking "hey mike, any hotties this cruise?"

The answer: no.

Last time: over 800 hot people (guys and girls) were 19-29 years old. This time: well, lets just say over 95% of the passengers great great great grandparents. Nice though, dont get me wrong, its just more fun with people your own age.

Anyways, had fun last night, brought in the new inventory with the gang and Joel bought us a case of Corona (which was polished off in about 3 hours....thats 6 each by the way). Then we hit the crew bar (15 steps away from the lab....convenient?). Then when the crew bar closed at 1:30am, Joel thew us his cabin keys and said "grab anything you can drink, take it up to my room, throw on some tunes, I am going to get us all pizzas and I will meet you all there".

Guess who woke up at 8am with zero hangover? *insert applause here*

If it wasnt for the fact that we all walk up and down stairs all day (we're talking 8 flights continuously), we'd all be some seriously fat photogs.

Tomorrow is Adelaide, and I am shooting gangway shots at 7:45am, and then I have until 8pm to run around. I am going for a run on the beach (somewhere) and also going to find an internet cafe. I have some banking to do, and I want to upload the site with photos (cant do it here on board).

Also, getting lonely here. I have more contact with my friend Julie from Citi Financial (car loan) than most of you. You know exactly who you are. A simple "mike i miss you" or "mike, Adobe (my dog) is or isnt pregnant" or "hey, um....hi....well...bye" would do lol.

ok folks talk to you soon! Wam-bam-ala-kazam! ;)


-- Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Hi Mike,

I'm a faithful follower but feel like I'm now I'm revealing myself in the hopes I can get on with life without guilt..... I'm very interested in how you are doing and enjoy hearing your adventures and look forward to the photos - and all the details you can possible fit in about the places. Can you post a map with the routes? I know I could look it all up for myself, but hearing a first hand account is much more interesting. Here's my question of the day: Do you ever get over the seasickness? Thanks to you, I'm going to start blogging - for some reason I have a lot to say about nothing much :) Heather in Sunny White Rock

Michael Wachniak said...

Hey Heather!

I can post a map maybe or at least let you know of how I am going soon. I am sitting here in Adelaide at an internet cafe with photos on cd....and my website is down for maintenance :( oh well maybe in a few hours it will be up. And yes, after the needle in the ass from the nurse, the seasickness left the next day :) talk to you soon, say hi to everyone for me!

-- Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Okay, then - here's my next question: What did the nurse shoot you up with? I need to know because I get seasick absolutely every time we leave port - even if I've only been ashore for a few hours. Dramamine, bonine and gravol make me sleepy and wear off. So, they must be using something more potent if it lasts you for weeks.......... BTW Kent brought me coffee in bed this morning and pulled up the blind (the sun is shining - hurray) and right there in my view was a gnarly old Douglas Fir tree with an Eagles nest....and Mama and Papa Eagle were sitting on the roof of their home (looks like a condo to me). I could see the nest tucked into the vee where the branches meet the trunk and above it the branches have been sheered totally flat into a large platform...... According to long time residents around us, this pair of eagles have been nesting there for years. From their perch they must be 180 feet in the air and they have a view of the river, the bay and fields - not to mention us. I could see their white heads glinting in the sun and wished I had a camera (like yours) to take a photo that would do justice to the majestic sight. When (and if) you come back here, perhaps you'd like to get some shots. Take care. We're off to the boat show with Sean and Kaia, Crystal and Jim and my Dad. Heather

Michael Wachniak said...

Sounds fantastic! I would love to photograph the eagles!

As for the shot, you can talk to my mom about it, but I think it was called Phenegran or something like that. She will know for sure.

Its a sea day today, and the swell is HUGE so we are swaying pretty good, but I am totally fine. I also found out today that my bed is around 5 feet underwater at any given time :) nice to know eh?