Friday, February 24, 2006

In Malaysia!!

hey all, everything is going really well! I have spent the last 2 hours on my own in Melaka, Malaysia trying to find an internet cafe and taking tons of photos and soaking up the local atmosphere.....and i think this time around the photos will work! I will give this a try...but i have to hurry...there is a man on a bike with a sidecar (i forget the name of the bike, but the drivers name is Ali lol)...he is drivin me around the town showing me stuff...all for basically 5 bucks US... it is so hot here but it was raining so much and on my way to the mall here, i had to wait under a canopy with some guy i dont know...but i got his picture lol...

OK the photo works! this is a photo from a few days ago of some of the photogs and shoppies.. from left to right: Szymon, Emma, Anna, Anna, Stewart, Amber (from Vancouver!), Aden (irish guy lol), Kristen (from Vancouver!), Matt, and finally my roomie Will!

Ok I will add another photo here...and then I should run outside. Ali awaits!


Hillory said...

Hi you. What a great story to tell. When you said a burial at sea I had this image of them dumping a coffin off the edge of this big cruise ship--Certainly Movie Material. Glad to hear it was ashes--somehow more poetic. It was certainly an honor for you--I can't waite to see the shots. Thanks for getting the pictures up. I was out the other night when you called--Sorry I missed you-_Did you find out about your account??? Glad you are taking the time to blog--It's nice to have the "Up to the Minute Report" Still feel so connected even though you are on the bottom of the earth--according to the Globe. I am so Excited six more sleeps to Disney Land-- I think Kaia is going to have amazing fun--I am pretty certain we all Will. Anyway Just thought I would take this opportunity to touch base with.. Thinking of you.
Love Your Big Sister.

Michael Wachniak said...

Heehee ya Kaia will have a blast! I am just going to bed, gotta be up in 5 hours ugh...IPM tomorrow (in port manning) so we are in Koh Samui but I have to stay on ship ( oh well...i can jog, read, listen to music, catch a flick...its all good)... as for the account, its still not in but I am keeping up with it. I got paid again today, but time to send this money isnt for another week or so... sheesh. blog time on the main page! night!