Friday, April 28, 2006

P615: The Final Cruise

These are the voyagers of the Pacific Sky. Its continuing mission: to explore strange Southeast Asian Countries. To seek out new massage parlours and ride Tuk-Tuks....

To Boldly go where no one has gone before..

(insert EXTREMELY gay rendition of star trek theme song here)

Well its finally here.... Embarkation Day of the final Cruise. I am sitting in the Singapore Terminal, on the internet sipping my orange juice waiting for my Cheesy Wedges, while Grit is doing the same on the computer next to me. Speaking of which, we found out the day before yesterday that next saturday the entire spa team (Grit included) goes back to the Steiner office in London, and from there they are told what ships they are going to. In a nutshell that means that next Saturday we say Goodbye and we still arent sure if its forever or not..... that is retarded. I guess it doesnt have to be forever, but I think you know what I mean.

This week I am going to try to get as many photos and videos of the ship (i realized last night that I have tons of photos of where I have BEEN but ZERO photos of where I have lived for the past 3 months lol.....go figure...)

So the final cruise consists of this: today Embarkation photos (jesus, not last time, only one more time), then tomorrow Formal day (two more times only two more times) in Mallacca, then Port Kelang (i hope i can Finally see the Batu Caves), then Langkawi (sea eagle feeding and boat riding around the mangroves...what a rush), then Phuket (no time for elephant trekking, maybe a massage on the beach, goodbye Sweetheart), and then Port Penang (i cant get off because we are tearing down the machines), and then seaday (last time to really enjoy the open least for a while).

My Flight details are as follows: (at least I think.... I seemed to have misplaced my copy...damn spring cleaning!)

- May 9th around 12pm Singapore to Hong Kong
- May 9th around 5pm Hong Kong to Vancouver
its funny because since I cross the International dateline going the OTHER way this time, I actually arrive in Vancouver 3 hours before I leave Hong Kong haha

Alright, its time to head back onto the ship...passengers are coming and I dont want to be late for setting up the embarkation backdrop (ugh, 9 hours straight of hearing (in an australian accent no doubt) 900 "NO, NO NO photos" ..i love the accent but man oh man...900 no's a day in ANY accent....shoot me lol)

I hope to get online in Mallacca or Phuket...or on the ship if it works lol

see you all in next cartoon!

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