Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gone going, gone, everything's gone...

Well well well... the final cruise is done. Its now 2:30am and I am quite hammered in an internet cafe in Singapore with Szymon beside me, and Will outside using my phone card to call some girls he met on the last cruise. I have worked 17+ hours each day for the past two days packing everything up so we could have the next 3 days off...and holy God was it ever hell.... but now, we are off....Szymon, Will and myself just finished a few beers in Little India, and now we might go for one more and then head to the ship for bed.

Grit went home today. Fucking hell. I don't think I have felt so bad in such a long time. There were so many tears and hugs, more than anyone should handle, yet it was all for love, and only happy tears really....we never said Goodbye....we just said 'see you in 30 days' (we are hoping she gets on the Diamond Princess with me June 10th)...I know most would think its too soon to say this but I really would do anything to be with her. Thats the typical LOVE thing to say I know, but I am sticking to my guns on this one...her and I are so good together. The last few hours her and I spent on the ship was lying in her bed talking about what movies and music and other things we like. She really likes Jack Johnson, James Blunt, mellow music, salsa music (and Damn what a dancer!) and her favorite movie (at the moment) was that one a year or two ago with Richard Gere and JLO when he goes to learn salsa. I miss her so much. Her and I were toying with a few 'lets go move somewhere for 6 months and try things out...' .... Australia and New Zealand were the top two seeing as how we both have 'connections' there. I am all up for that but I really hope that its not 'the ship life' talking and she forgets me the second she got on the plane. Nevertheless I spent my entire free time tonight in Singapore (minus the beers with the guys of course but that was after time with her) going to the airport with Grit and spending the last few minutes with her...(for the time being)

Christ I really hope I see her know? I'm happy with her, we get along, we work well together under stress, we do things for each other without wanting anything in return (which is very rare nowadays)....we just want each other to be happy..... plus when I saw her cry today...I finally knew she felt for me the way I felt for her. Now, I may or may not read this months from now and go "well shit, what was I thinking then?" but I know how I feel right now, and thats what life is all about. I am being open minded and at the same time I am loving "the now".

I miss her. She's been in the air for 3 hours now....she is going back to London until she finds out whats going on....and I am here ......loving life.....but just wishing she was around, ya know?

Will's back...on the mobile with his woman :) I just asked him to think of something to say on my blog....he said 'gimme a minute...i have to think.' the anticipation is killing me. He always has time for a good laughable story.

In the meantime, lets talk about coming home... I am off duty for the next 3 days and the 9th I leave the ship (Oh, I bought a new suitcase today in Singapore for 30 canadian dollars hahahaha) .....I think we have to be back on the ship at 7am tomorrow so we can sail to another terminal (Star Cruises needs our spot again....damn you opposing company!)

Random thought: I miss speaking German with Grit....yes I am still learning German...
Random thought #2: What is that smell? Diesel? Garbage? at least the air con works.

On the 9th I fly at 11:00am from Singapore to Hong Kong and then to Vancouver. I cant wait to see everyone, and I have started to think of things to do while on 'vacation'..mountain climbing, sleeping on the beach, dancing, meditating....hopefully seeing old friends (but i doubt that), and being with loved ones....

ok Will is back...

Mike: 'so do you have anything you want to say to the blog?'
Will: 'hmmmm.....i dont know. I was just outside a food place and I said how much is this? and they said where are you from? and so i said ....hmmm.....Ukraine? and then they gave me one price....and so I asked the other guy and said I was from England and then they gave me another price.....Singapore....I'm ready for bed now."

thats the humor I deal with every single day.....

Grit gave me her internet card so I can add more tomorrow on the I think its time for one more beer and then back to the ship.

"To Grit and her safe trip back to London. Please make sure we are happy, no matter what that means. Life will always go on for the best, but I know a part of me died when she left, and I know part of me will grow when she returns...mwa ha ha ha"

Thats something I think only my dad would laugh I am leaving it in. All kidding aside I really hope my future has Grit in it. To the fullest.

See her in my next cartoon.

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