Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm gonna miss this place!

Hey all, this is my final internet entry from the Singapore Terminal. I am really gonna miss this place. The Pacific Sky was always sitting out the window next to me, as I would eat my cheesy wedges and blog the day away....and right now the white lady is being repainted. Its kinda depressing, but at the same time, her legacy will continue on forever. I was sitting on Shoppie Street last night with the remaining gang, and we were talking about the amount character that the Pacific Sky has. (Shoppie Street is just the name of the hallway that all the Shop Crew live on...Shoppie Street....). The other ships are so much more extravagent than her, but as you walk around the decks late at night, with no passengers, you get a sense of a living, breathing being. Its almost the feeling of a mother to her child, (i can only imagine). You get this feeling as though you are being nurtured and taken well care of, and then your mind goes "hey, its a ship man....ease off the sauce ok?" but before you agree to that, your mind goes "...but it DOES feel comfortable in here...."

Today Ben, Will and I are going to Sentosa beach for one final day of sand and surf.... then its back to the ship for the final night. I expected huge parties these past few days, but all we had instead were the couples locking themselves in their cabins for one final night of intimacy, and the rest of them sitting around with bags under their eyes, playing scrabble and wandering around the ship in a 'zombie-like' state....looking around with red eyes...I think we are all tired now and its finally catching up to us. There are also quite a few cuddle puddles (i just invented that word by the way)....4 or 5 people lying down in the middle of nowhere in one giant heap of people....either sleeping, or cuddling, or whatever....just being together. You never know when you will see these people again. I saw the diswasher today for example (found out his name is Irwin finally), and he looked at me with his never-sad eyes and his massive ear to ear smile, and he said "thank you Mike. I will miss you. I will pray for your happiness." Perhaps its things like that that give this ship the sense of love and nurturing that we all feel.

The love and friendship of all the people aboard over the last 21 years, echo through the hallways like ghosts.

And tomorrow when the ship sails for Greece to start a new life, the echos of the pacific sky will remain and warm the hearts and minds. And we will walk the halls forever.


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