Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back Home

Well, I am home now, and I finally remember how to breathe.

White Rock looks just like it should. I saw 2 of the 10 puppies today (Avah, and Reuben), and tomorrow I am going to see the rest...10!

I really miss everyone from The Pacific Sky. It was a real heartbreaker to be walking alongside the ship 6am Tuesday (Singapore time) with all my luggage and looking up to see all the logos painted over, and "Sky Wonder" in big white letters in their place. When I got home I showed my mom the photos and the DVDs....and just to watch The Mighty Sky alive again with all the crew and all the places she's been.....damn I am gonna miss her....we all are.

Grit isn't coming to the Diamond. She is starting on the Star Princess (emailed me 1 hour ago to tell me she is at the airport in London). We're working on a plan, but for now she is LITERALLY on the otherside of the planet. She will do just fine, I know it. We will see each other again, I know that as well.

Feels good to be back....but for today at least....its hard to feel 100% completely at home. Thats normal I suppose, that was a hell of a ride.

I'll be in Calgary in a week or so if anyone is interested. We should hook up for a coffee at the very least. I have so many stories.

Man, what a hell of a ride indeed.

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