Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Algeciras, Spain...Refuel for 2!

Hello everyone! Still no internet on the ship as of yet, but we are now in Algeciras, Spain for a few hours refuelling so I thought I would recharge and refuel myself by hitting up an internet cafe and supermarket. I was going nuts without contact from the other world... and its only been a few days haha I have to get back into the schedule again. I had some nice emails from people saying they miss me and wish me luck across the might Atlantic...almost as if its ME who is driving the ship lol. All I can say is 'i will try to do my best'.

Its relatively boring here...but the cool thing is this:

one side of the ship has Spain.... behind us is Jabralta .... and to the other side in the distance is Morocco!!! Africa!!!

All these places, amazing as they are however.... Grit I miss ya so much, we gotta come back here haha! and THEN everyone else can come.... heehee

If internet comes up on the ship on the crossing, I will update y'all, but if to you in one week in New Yawk lol

Oh, Finally saw the movie Crash last night on the Movies under the Stars... god what a good movie...

anyways, see ya soon!



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Kristen said...

have an amazing time mike! Loving your site, the photos from Venice were amazing. Have some drinks in the crew bar for me, see you when you get back to Sunny Vancouver!