Saturday, June 10, 2006

Start Spreading the News!!!

Hey everyone!!! Greetings from New York! We've been here for 2 days now and only NOW am I having the chance to Blog lol.

First things first:

LANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND!!! I am so happy to see land! The Atlantic Ocean crossing was an amazing experience, and so beautiful....but Holy God! At times it felt like a prison drifting at sea! The days pretty much consisted of training/gallery shifts/labwork...and the nights consisted of discos/movies under the stars/crew IDOL (A Steiner won it... not surprisingly)/walking around the ship/going to gym... A few things to note: Adam (videographer) was up on the top decks halfway through the journey and saw whales along the ship, and the day before he saw a..flock? of seaturtles along the current we were crossing. I saw....nothing.

2nd thing: New York.

Holy Fucking Shit. Nuff Said. We woke up on the 8th at 5am, threw on our red Princess Cruises 'Photo Staff" jackets (I'm officially cool now by the way), and ran upstairs to stand ON TOP of the bridge (yes...on top of the bridge...if you see pics of the Crown Princess, the bridge is the 'sunglasses' of the will know what I mean). The weather was Shite. Jenny (Scotland), Jacek (Poland), Adam (Aussie) and I (Canada...Word.) had to form a "Photo-Cuddle-Puddle" in order to survive...

Then we saw her. Torch and book in hand, and an outfit accented with the finest sandals and tiera money can buy. The Statue of Liberty.

(Smaller than in the movies by the way, but twice as beautiful)

The next day and a half was a blur of constant work...there was even a time where all of the photog team were hanging out in Mark's cabin (Head Office trainer guy) and 17 of us drinking and then all of a sudden boss gets a page and at midnight we all have to stumble down to the M-1 (long hallway from one end of ship to another in crew area) and move 30 boxes of product around.... it was a GONG show!!

Then last night Jacek, Adam, Jenny, Dagmara and I had time off so we took the subway (yes the subway...from brooklyn) to manhatten, and what happened next will always stay with me. We went to the Empire State Building and I froze my ass off on the 86th floor looking over New York... But i have now been there. Then after that we walked to Times Square and everyone was like a kid in a candy store... everywhere you could look, you could see broadway shows! Lion King, The Producers, Rent, Phantom, Mama Mia, The Colour Purple, Dirty Rotten Scoundrals, The Wedding Singer (Stephen Lynch as Robbie Hart haha), Chicago (God dammit i gotta go!), and a hot dog stand at every corner!!! We had a beer at the Havanah Central bar and then headed back tothe ship. Today however, Jacek and I had to run and find a pharmacy to get a few personal things (9 days on a ship without many essentials is a bad thing), and we couldnt think of a better place to go than ...where else? Times Square! again! I walked around quite a bit more and even found the Ed Sulivan Theatre (Hi Mr. Letterman!)....

then we took the subway back (so i could work a few hours), and now we are in an internet cafe in Brooklyn, only minutes away from the ship... It is now time to find a convenience store, grab some munchies, and head back to the ship (our feet are KILLING us!!)....

I hope that is enough info to fill everyone in on for now... I had pictures to show, but today when i first checked internet, there was no usb connection on the pc, and now I didnt even bring the fuckin thing and of course there is a usb port... ack!

See y'all in the next cartoon!

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