Saturday, June 17, 2006

....breathing again....

Ok, woke up at 7am, in Grand Turk. Took gangway photos, went and had nachos with Jenny at "Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville", and then came back to the ship and slept from 1-5:30pm (god i needed that). I listened to my ipod, watched movies, and relaxed all alone in my cabin... and then I started breathing again...

I needed that little explosion last night to remind me that I am human... I think.. although, the gang are beginning to NAME my personalities... we wont get into details lol.

Tomorrow is Ocho Rios, Jamaica (hey man! my first time!)...and I am IPM (DOH!).. at least I can leave the ship to photograph the passengers lol... and then its back to the ship for yet another bout of sleeping/movies/relaxing...(it wont always be like this... its the calm before the storm), and then I have the privelage of being a pirate in the pm....and then after that its Disco Night in the crewbar, so there will be about 700 people in a space the size of a single floor "Gap" I gotta prepare.... laundry time... can't smell like a photog at disco nights... we'll have none of that! There's something with dancing with two women at the same time, and then turning around and faux-grinding with flaming homo-sexuals that just screams out "mama-mia! Crank the ABBA!"...again, not going into detail dad I am not gay...

Oh one more thing... JON PINETTE.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, it should. Whoever is reading this, if you have ever watched JUST FOR LAUGHS, and seen a REALLY fat white guy that made you laugh your ass off, OR if you have ever heard me say things like "You eat like fee-weeeeryyyyyy" (japanese man saying "you eat like FREE WILLY!").... ya, i figured you would know that one..

well, he is on my ship right now as a guest entertainer, and i only found out when it was too late. he is no longer doing shows and is leaving tomorrow... that made my heart rip just a little... BUT there is a happy ending...sorta... i was up on the open deck (Deck 15) grabbing a burger before Gallery tonight, and guess who was there (not surprisingly)... this man makes a 20 minute skit about eating at buffets and people being afraid of his size and closing business when they see him, and he is eating at a buffet....with me! I am jealous of MYSELF!

Ok, its 3am...I should get to bed... But alas, its 1 hour back tonight so I just gained an hour of sleep haha. I have been given the thumbs up to use the internet anytime I want until they get the wi-fi up in my cabin (which should be when we get to St. Thomas June 28th). Let your emails flow like wine, and I will finally have time for you guys lol. (just remind me that you still know i exist first, its been a while since I talked to some of you)

*cough* Dana/Amber/Graham/Josh *cough*

Songs on heavy rotation on ye olde ipod:
- Yoga Meditation - "Sleeping through the rain" - (30 minutes of rain, and soothing sounds)
- Amos Lee - "Colors" - (from "Just like Heaven"...finally saw that today...corny but good)
- The Watchmen - "Beach Music" - (Danny hasn't done me wrong for 11 years and he isnt going to start now)
- Billie Holiday - "Them There Eyes" - (among the other 20 of hers sitting strongly on my list)
- Jamie Cullum - "All at Sea" - just listen....or check the words here
- Counting Crows - "Millers Angels" - if i write a movie, this will be in it.
- Misc Rock songs sung while jamming on guitars in the crewbar with Rory, Chris, and about 15 Steiners (spa people), 5 dancers (gay and loving it), 5-10 shoppies (cause hey, shoppies are people too), and the occasional Purser or Officer of the Bridge.... 2 acoustic guitars, Chris usually plays lead, Rory or myself will play when we can, or Rory will just hit the back of his guitar like bongo drums... we do everything from 'Hotel California', to Jack Johnson, Green Day, Dave Matthews Band and even Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (with 35 of us headbanging a la 'Waynes World'). I have movies, i will try to link one up to the blog sometime... either those or a 30 second clip of the photogs constantly laughing at me and my typical physical 'schitzo-humor'... honestly, isn't it wrong for that many people to pee at the same time?


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