Monday, June 19, 2006

A very random look at life on the Crown thus far...

Just before I took the tender boat to Grand Cayman Island today I ran to the photo lab and threw random photos onto a CD in hopes that I would find an internet cafe... and now I have, and now that I finally looked at the photos... I am kinda disappointed haha... these are VERY random photos, and none of them really have any kinda meaning, BUT i will show them to you anyways... Next time I will show you some of our stock shots of the ship, like the Atrium (Holy Beautiful, Batman), and the dining rooms, and my cabin (meh, its aight)... that kinda stuff...

But for now, enjoy some completely random photos:

ok Update: the internet is slow and I have been trying to upload 10 photos for 45 minutes...looks like 2 is all we are gonna get today:

This is a picture of Chris (photog from England) and myself jammin with everyone in the crewbar... Probably Pink Floyd or Tom Petty or something, not my taste in music but easy to play lol

This is a picture of Adam (Aussie Videographer) in a Brookyln subway station at around midnight... no signs of ass-raping.... yet!

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