Friday, June 30, 2006

O' Canada, Lets sing together!

Hey everyone! Happy Canada Day! I am in the crew bar and about 300 canadians and non-canadians are celebrating Canada Day! Nothing but Candian Music (Great Big Sea, Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, 54:40, etc)... could be the best night on the ship so far hahaha

We sang O Canada, followed by Tragically Hips "Courage" and then ..... Stompin Tom Connors - Good ol' Hockey Game.... imagine 50 phillippeno's staring in absolute puzzlement.... funniest fuckin thing i have ever seen. anyways i am still in the crew bar and I not only am I having a great time, I dont have to be awake until 11am, and I had a very productive "mike you are the GO-TO guy" day, but I am finally back in my "absolute-contentment" stage again.... I have things to work towards, things to fight for, and things to keep me happy in the mean time... passengers are happy with me at a personal level (cause 'work-level' is just me doing my job) and also getting quite a few manager 'pats on the shoulder'...

wow, this entry has a lot of 'quotation marks'

happy canada day everyone!... tomorrow is a seaday and then the next day I am going to do something I have been wanting to do for a few years...

I am walking the site of Ground Zero in New York.

Jenny (photog) went last time, and couldnt stop crying. I expect to do the same. Nevertheless, pics will follow.

Here's to Canada, and the rest of the entire world. Non-Tragically Hip fans and others included.


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