Friday, September 08, 2006

Damn Tropical Storm...I am packing!

ok, so no Bermuda on my last cruise... how pissed am I? Today I was supposed to have a full day off in St Thomas, but the new guy Paul (God Rest his soul lol) didnt have a laminex and therefore couldnt not leave the ship, and therefore I had to do his fire course... which really threw off my groove. It was however a great day because i spent the morning putting massive fireballs out with various extinguishers on a hill overlooking the ocean. I am glad that tomorrow is my last formal night (yay!) and I will be home soon, but DAMMIT do i need to have a fucked up Bermuda too?! So instead of seaday, Bermuda, seaday.... its Seaday THRICE!!!!!

(not impressed)...

Hurricane season really chaps my ass...ya know?

oh well.

I am glad that I have to pack now though. Yes i said GLAD to pack. I have never really hated packing, as I think I am used to it by now.

(insert Littlest Hobo theme song right about...... now)

I move. We all move. We all change. Change is good. Change is bad. But Change is necessary. I dont expect to stop anytime soon, I dont think lol.

Things I am looking forward to in the next 2 weeks:

- first bath since May....mmmmm.
- walks with sister Hillory, niece Kaia, and dog(s) Adobe, Reuben, and Ava (mommy doberman and the kids).
- Grit coming to visit sep 22nd. (so happy i just peed a little)
- Moby Dick fish and chips on the beach in White Rock (and the gang from the Crown that lives in Lower Mainland, you are all comin with me... this shit is addictive!)
- chillin with my mom (hey shut up lol)
- planning on my trip to calgary (best time to visit, please email me!)
- planning ANYTHING with my dad.

....but the one that beats them all out for the number 1 spot... (sorry Grit):

Tim Horton's Coffee. XL 2c 3s.

God Bless us, everyone. =)



empty nester said...

Godspeed, Michael.

Oh and yes, TIM HORTONS. Too bad they are not everywhere like the golden arches place.

Please keep up this blog now and then after you get home. It is such an interesting one to follow!

Michael Wachniak said...

no worries, mate! I'll be writing for a while yet :)

p.s. thanks by the way... now i am craving McDonalds.... do you know hard it is to fit a 957ft, 116,000 tonne cruiseship into a drivethru? not to mention how hard it is to find a drivethru in the middle of the ocean? :)

empty nester said...

Oops, sorry Michael. McDonalds is so commonplace here in the states we probably take them for granted. Just not the same as good ole Tim Horton's though. Best muffins EVER!

Ken said...

Michale, first, please don't stop the blog. It is very interesting and I want to keep up with whatever you are doing after your Princess adventure. Your photography is excellent -- and not just the photos of rigid older couples dressed in their formal wear looking stuffed.

Also, are there any other at-sea bloggers around? I have found a couple but like you and Tabetha they keep ending the sea life and heading for land after the contract is up.

Michael Wachniak said...

nah, i think i am in it for at least another few contracts :) are you guys cruisecritic finders or are you past passengers from the crown? i have followers that i didnt even know existed lol it would be nice to find out where all of you guys are from! :)

Ken said...

I found your blog by searching from Blogger using -- "cruise ship crew blog."

Without even asking you I added a link to your blog in the "Behind the Scenes" section on my cruise web page and you can also get to it from the top section on my website's home page Go check it out and meet Tabetha.

empty nester said...

Michael I found it when the poster put it on CC and I emailed you to let you know. I love reading of your adventures. Question- Do the ships have brigs these days? I would think they surely do. Pretty big discussion going on right now about a brownie incident on the 8/15 Crown.