Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random Pics whilst in BarefootBar in Grand Turk

ducky ducky what?

there, i said it. for those it makes sense to, i love all of you and miss you terribly. for everyone else, wait for the dvd lol.

now for some random pics....

Grit and her best friend on the Star Princess, Natalia... 15.5 more days til i am with her lol me and maggie, and cruise staff: jacinta and cameron

this was the night before the youth staff left last cruise... this is on dvd and i can tell you its amazing lol.....

ok, this is bermuda. aside from that, this pic is just a cool picture.

some of my best friends. they will always be with me.

this is the buffalo crew. where do i begin. buffalo is: drink with your left hand all day except for 1230am-1am then you go to your right. if you get caught in the finish your drink. thus, best friends and worst enemies lol.

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