Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Re: whats up

This is a reply to an email my dad sent to me and my sister today. Just a basic "how ya doin?", and when i started replying, it almost turned into a blog entry...

so lo and behold:

hey guys!

emailing you both as well :)

things are good! i am proud of myself that i didnt give up and come home after the list in july, but everytime we move (even rocking quite a bit as we speak) my knees give out... its to the point now where i am getting giggles from friends and stuff and thats a good thing because when i was at my worst they really respected my space and helped me where i could... we all get a little queezy at the knees when we roll every now and then... but i am proud to say that none of my friends left because of the list on july 18th. and now also that my contract has been shorted from november to september 12th, i am happy but now also very sad... i have made amazing friends here, i cant even explain it and i wouldnt even try. just know that i have reached plateaus of love and friendship on these ships, this ship especially (aside from my little schatzi who i obviously met on the first ship, Grit lol) that i never thought possible... we have a posse here of about 20 i would say...20 CLOSE friends... some dont reach that in a lifetime, and we've achieved it in less than 4 months... we have laughed we have cried, we have been on every end of the spectrum... and its to the point where i have friends from every area in the world... south africa, poland, hungary, germany, england, usa, mexico, ukraine, scotland, ireland, thailand, phillippenes, canada.... the list goes on... i literally have a home in everyone of these places. love, its infectious. we spread it and it keeps on going.
i cant wait to get home, i cant wait to see Grit, I cant wait to see my family, I cant wait to see my friends again somewhere, i cant wait to get to my bed....
and i cant wait to wake up tomorrow.



p.s. its grits birthday today! sent her 6 roses from this ship to hers...saying 'here is 6 now, and there will be 6 more at the airport with me in september' :) awwww

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