Monday, August 14, 2006

You don't have to go far...

The title is completely random, so don't read too much into it lol. I have found myself sitting in an internet cafe in Bermuda. Inside the airconditioning is maintaining a steady cool breeze, the radio is playin Joe Cocker, and the occasional gaggle of passengers waddle by me, each holding bags and bags of useless souveniers. Outside however, the weather is sunny but not HOT like you would expect in Bermuda. The sounds of waves crashing alonside the dockyard, and the occasional flock of crewmembers on scooters screeching by can be heard.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 to clean the lab printers up on deck 7 with Chris, Adrian, and Jillian. We finished surprisingly quickly, and so we went up to eat at horizon court (deck 15). Afterwards, Jillian and I went up to entertain Chris as he was getting his hair cut in the spa. A few goofy faces and we were off, but as we left the spa, Leona (spa manager) requested Grit's full name so she could send it to Steiner's head office... hmmmm... perhaps she IS coming!

Oh, by the way... did i mention that I found out 3 days ago my contract has been shortened (yet again) to Sept 12th?

So now, the same guy who was dying to get off the ship only a month ago is now trying his damndest to lengthen his contract... hrmmm...

I smell freshly cut grass.... sorry, but i am inside a mall and i smell freshly cut grass... weird.

ok well, my time is running up here... I just wanted to write something completely random, but also to keep you guys up to date as to whats going on. For all of you 500+ people who have found my blog over the past 3 days (you know who you are, and why): if you are coming onto the Crown sometime soon, stop by the gallery and say Hi ok? and let us take your pictures even if you dont buy them lol even if you dont want to, if you have the time then do it, cause it helps us a lot :) we ARE talented you know :) we arent just retards with cameras...

well, not ALL of us.


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