Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ok, now we plan!

Alllllllrighty then!

I found out today that sadly Grit is NOT coming to the Crown Princess. The funny thing is that it really did not phase me, because it actually turns out better this way! Its probably too late to extend my contract past September 12th, so if she was coming then i would be leaving right when she got here i bet... also, she can now shorten her contract back to September 28th, and she was checking prices today for flights from London to Vancouver (dammit, the girls always one step ahead of me lol...next time, Gadget!!!). So I have 3 cruises left here on the Mighty Crown Princess (starting tomorrow in New York)... which reminds me: Guess where I am going tomorrow?

- some Youth Security, Photogs, and Cruise Staff are taking the subway from Brooklyn to Manhatten and then from there some are breaking off to Times Square and some are going with me to ....... NBC Studios!! I am going to see the Saturday Night Live studio!!!! and God Dammit, I ain't walkin out of there without a Conan O'Brian Coffee Mug, neither! We are also heading to Rockefeller Center, and perhaps a quick jaunt around Central Park again. i love how i can say AGAIN... What a life...

Oh, one more thing: I am also 90% sure that I am switching away from the Photography department for my next contract(s) (at my own will). I have been thinking about it for some time now and I think that I am much more suitable for Cruise Staff. Cruise Staff are the people on board that host the entertainment/games/dances etc... and dress up as cowboys, 50's era, 70's era...etc..and basically entertain the people throughout the ship. So many people have told me over the past few weeks that they have thought the same thing for me... Cruise Staff is the heart and soul of the ships (in my opinion)... Its a lot of work, but i really do think that if i do one more contract as a photog, i may very well never pick up a camera again... pardon my french, but i am sick and fucking tired of taking Sears type portraits.... if the photos arent spontaneous, they arent me, and those of you that KNOW me.... you know i am right on that one.

so, there we go. Some more stuff to chew on.

See y'all in the next cartoon!



Ben said...

Hey Mikey, when you are done in September, are there any trips for you to Calgary? Maybe even with Grit? I need to buy you some beers!

Michael Wachniak said...

man, you better !@#$! believe it!! i am not passing up Cow-Town this time. I am going to be home for at least 2 months this time. Grit is coming on the 28th to Vancouver and we are thinking of a 3 week visit before she goes back home to Germany and sorts everything out. Are ya ready for me?! :)

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Hi Mike, I'm enjoying trying to keep up with all your adventures......you have a very exciting and interesting life! Wish I was you!!! I keep saying to Kent we should apply to work on a cruise ship for a season. I might apply to be a "sleeper". I could do a study on sleeping to the hum of the engines - see how long I could sleep - how soundly I could sleep - how easily I could fall asleep..... I love sleeping and it sounds like a good job for me :) Kent could keep the engines running and talk to people - actually I think he would make a good cowbow or pirate......Enjoy the rest of your summer....see you in September.