Monday, October 30, 2006

First message from the Coral Princess

Oi Oi, Geezahs!!!

Ok...where shall I start....

- Vancouver to Vegas to Miami to Grand Cayman via plane... not bad. (first thing i did when i got into miami was....yes.....listen to "Miami" by will smith...."welcome to miami..." haha)
- Staying 1 day in Grand Cayman was good... walked around, saw some places I have already been (and that was cool...not sure why...), had free internet in the hotel, had 2 for 1 Bud light in a bar/grill at night (hey...its still beer). Only slept 2 hours and woke up to the phone ringing and it was the guy downstairs picking me up....slept in haha...oops!
- Got to the ship, saw James Security/Rob Purser/Stacey Tours from the Pacific Sky...alright! Photo Team is really cool..lots of cool ppl, none of them sane by any means neccessary. 6 photogs left last cruise so the cabins are messed up, therefore i am staying with a videographer on...deck 2....Jesus....what did i do wrong? its only temporary though...photogs live on deck 9 here so thats 5 decks higher than the crown! yay! Had 2nd formal night, during which i was the restaurant photo bitch guy thing.....and 3 tables told me I was the nicest and best photographer they have ever seen on the ships... I have 2 more days on this cruise to find them again and introduce them to a little thing called 'comment cards' haha. now its 12:30am...gonna go grab another drink (seeing as how I just found Scotty from the Crown about 20 min just gets better and better)... i started singing the ports of call song that we made up on the crown and scotty's buddy said ' i know who you are'...i guess i am popular haha. tomorrow i have no inductions, no laminex to get off the ship with in cozumel, and nothing on schedule til 4pm... guess who is sleeping in? ME! yay!

Summary: Coral-amazing atrium, amazing crew, amazing stabilizers (we arent moving that much side to side), shit crewbar (come on guys...knock a few walls down), and one really hot new photographer...who just joined today... me! lol

oh oh oh, another good thing...msn in the internet room, PLUS a card reader for pics... i can update all the time with pics now!

Getting Grit here in a few weeks or so... and this will be one helluva ship!

see you all in the next cartoon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - guess we didn't get to meet up for drinks since your trip to Cowtown was cut short. Your bike and a glass of vino will be waiting. Ciao and travel safe!

empty nester said...

Mike I am glad to see you and Grit will once again be together! Take care and keep up the blogging.

Ken said...

Mike, have a great time on the Coral. And keep filling us in on all that behind the scenes cruise crew lore. We love it!

Oh, does Grit have a blog, too?

Michael Wachniak said...

hey ken.

no she doesnt have a blog, but she should! she is a great story teller! maybe we should join forces and make a Couples Blog! Roaming Mind Of Norm & Nancy, or something hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Bro!

We'll be missing you around the tree (me especially). The hyjinx are going to be pretty limited with a team of 1. I'll be sure to try and scam the pickle for us again. Hope to see you in the Spring when you get here.
When are you going to be in Europe? I'm starting to investigate/price a motorcycle trip through Italy for 2 weeks this summer. Maybe we could hook up for some vino or something.