Sunday, October 01, 2006

Doing so little its borderline scary...

Hey everyone, just a quick update as to whats been goin on in the past little while.


Grit has been here with me for about a week now, and we have been living every day to the fullest.... sleeping in til 1pm or so, sitting on the couch with a coffee till about 3pm, maybe make some toast (she loves peanut butter...i swear having her here is like when Drew Barrymore brought ET in the house...everything is NEW and exciting!!). Last week we went out for supper at Semiahmoo beach with some buds from the Crown (Chantel, Sarah (crazy cat lady hahahaha), Sarah (Flamingo Sarah), Kim (vaguely remember her from the crown), and a few others that came along). It was great, had a beer at "Charlie Dont Surf" and a quesadilla and then walked the pier with some Dolce Gelato....damn good stuff... we also went to a birthday party in Vancouver and saw some old friends from the Pacific Sky (Amber and Kristen). Went to a cool place called CHAI on West Broadway...very very amazing warm. Aside from those things we have basically just been goin for walks and hanging out... its been sooooo good just to do nothing!


We are getting a ride to the ferries and the two of us are heading out (on foot, no car) to Victoria! We're gonna get a hotel and basically continue our "doing nothing" there for a few days....but we are also hitting up a few castles, walks, and *cough* have to mention *cough*....BUCHART GARDENS!!!! I have heard this place is amazing in the fall, so we gotta go....

as for the next contract... probably November i am thinking. We might request the crown again hahaha. its got a good itinerary then because everything changes in november... turnover day is no longer in New York, it goes to San Juan... (damn good place to be!).... plus, who wouldnt love spending Christmas and New Years in the Caribbean??? :)

Until then though, I have 2 more weeks with Grit and then I am off to Calgary to visit....whoever!!! Which, by the way.... anyone have a place I could crash at? hahahaha

See you all in the next Cartoon!


Grit and I beside the infamous WHITE ROCK, in White Rock BC :)

Kristen, Amber, Grit & I at Chai for Amber's birthday!

Grit striking a pose on the pier.



Anonymous said...

hey mike glad to see you are so happy at home with grit but its tiem to come back to the crown with her hope on the next plain and we will see you in san juan!

Michael Wachniak said...

aww well if that doesnt just melt your heat lol....

thanks WHOEVER... i will try ok?

long live the crown ;)


sarah said...

mikey! I like the logo...resent the crazy cat lady thing! Love you lots...we need to get together again before chantel, flamingo and i go back to conquer the clown...and some of the clowns on it! love you lots always!